Fish Pond
Cast your line and see what you hook!

Soccer Kick
Show off your fancy footwork! Score a goal and win a prize!

Lollipop Tree
Everyone’s a winner! Pull a Tootsie Roll Pop from the tree and see what color is at the bottom!

Balloons & Souvenirs
Look for these booths along the field offering balloons and inexpensive souvenirs, including light-up headbands, light sabers, bubble guns and more! Every year’s souvenirs are different but they’re always priced for an allowance salary!

Sink a ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl and the fish inside is yours!

Bean-bag toss through a wooden character with distances based on age.

Ring Toss
Throw rings onto a peg board to win a prize!

Flying Chicken
A Fest classic! Stomp on the specially-engineered chicken-stomping-machines and see if you can toss three chickens into the cooking pot!

Dunk Tank
Rotating list of victims ready to get wet!

Hoop Shoot
Basketball shooting for the bigger/taller folks!

Try to sink your putt and win a prize!

Pop Toss
Toss a ring and you could win yourself a pop!

Football Throw
How good is your arm? Try to get the football through a target.

Duck Pond
Pick your favorite duck and see what’s hiding underneath the surface!

Toss your chips on the game board and try to score points based on where they land.

Butterfly Garden
Stick your net into the butterfly garden and see what you catch!

Frisbee Golf
Toss the frisbee and see if you can sink it into the net!

Bavarian skee-ball!

Ball Roll
Roll each ball and try to get it into the slot worth the most points!

Scat Cat
Throw the shoes at the cats and try to knock them down!

Feed the Dragon
Your target is the dragon’s mouth! Successfully feed the beast and win a prize!

Cork Shoot
Test your marksmanship with air rifles and ping pong balls!

Jr. Hoop Shoot
Basketball shooting for the littler ones.

Silly String
Attack your friends and family on the field!